"Shrink Plastic Jewelry" - Creative Output Video 5

Often referred to as "shrinky dinks," shrink plastic artwork is easy to create using your own images, and inkjet printer, and a conventional oven. In this video tutorial, Stephanie Scheetz shows you how to print your pictures on the special plastic surface, then bake them into beautiful jewelry. You even get to peer inside the oven as the transformation happens before your eyes. This is episode 5 of the ongoing Creative Output series on The Digital Story.

If you want to find out more about the media Stephanie is using to create the shrink plastic jewelry, visit the Grafix web site. You can see more examples of this technique by checking out her post titled, Shrink Plastic Charms.

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As usual, a fantastic project! I think it is so cool
that any imagery can be made into a plastic object. You should do more variations of this "shrink plastic".

This is great!

I remember "Shrinky Dinks" as a kid, but this takes it to a wonderfully creative level.

Thanks Stephanie!

You're totally right Tim, there are many variations we could do with this project. We're actually brainstorming about that now. Any ideas that folks have, we'd like to hear.

I remember seeing this on a show called creative living a few years ago thanks for sharing .

We just got done doing some of these with the kids. They loved them! Great family fun! I tried some with some of my photos and I really like the look. I could see how charm jewelry could be really interesting.


NICE video! any1 know how to the entirevid to my pc? I am running windows xp

That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.