"Snow Leopard for Photographers" - Digital Photography Podcast 191


Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) promises better speed and stability. For the most part, I think Apple has delivered the goods. But I also sense that expectations might be a little high for this evolutionary release of the Mac operating system. In this podcast, I discuss my clean install of Snow Leopard from a photographer's point of view.

You might also want to take a look at my brief article, Snow Leopard Notes for Photographers. Other tidbits include Nikon's compatibility report for Capture NX2 users and HP's driver instructions for 10.6 users.

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I've now also upgraded a 1-year-old MBP 17" with Snow Leopard. It's a faster machine than the first one I updated. As I mentioned in the podcast, the faster the machine, the more noticeable Snow Leopard performance is.

But the real joy was the GBs of hard disk space Snow Leopard recovered. I like that part of the upgrade even more.

I am glad to hear that someone has had a positive experience with Snow Leopard. I have had nothing but problems. My scanner won't scan, my printers won't print, Aperture is having problems, and I have seen more spinning beach balls than at a beach volleyball tournament. Also itunes won't recognize my Apple TV, and I had to do a restore on my ipod touch to get it to sync. Maybe my computer is too new. It is only 4 months old. Maybe I should go back to my old one. ;-)

I am glad that you had a positive experience with Snow Leopard. Mine has been nothing but trouble. My printers won't print, scanners won't scan, itunes won't work with AppleTV and Aperture is also on the fritz. I have seen more spinning beach balls than at a beach volleyball tournament. Maybe my computer is too new. It is only 6 months old.

This is absolutely so cool :) Thanks for putting this online :)