Comparison of 3 Scanning Services for Your Film Images

Have you thought about bundling up a batch of 35mm slides and having them scanned so they can live alongside your digital images? The problem is, who do you send them to?

I can give you a headstart on your research in my latest Macworld article titled, Outsource your photo scanning projects. For this piece, I sent a batch of 35mm slides, negatives, and 4x6 prints to three popular services: ScanCafe, DigMyPics, and ScanDigital. All three did a good job and were great at communication along the way. But there were some differences between them also.

As a bonus, the folks over at posted the scans they made from my test batch. At the time they did the job, they didn't know I was doing research for an article. You can take a look at the work they did here.

If you're thinking about testing one of these services, make sure you read this article.

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FYI, in a blog post earlier this year, Bob Krist recommended US-based, which surprisingly is less expensive than the India-based scancafe.

Have anyone ever tried for scanning or indexing requirement?

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Do you really want to send your precious slides to India? How about supporting some of the local businesses that are struggling to stay open? Lets keep it real, with real people that you can call and talk to during normal business hours!
http:/ has it's physical lab in Champaign, Illinois, and the owner does some of the scanning and restoration in Indianapolis, Indiana, Two convenient places to drop off or mail in your your film for developing or slide scanning. Give the locals a try won't you? They have over a hundred professional years of experience between them!