Digital Camera HQ Publishes Worst Cameras of 2009


Here's a list of cameras gone wrong. For various reasons these devices should be avoided at all costs. I love articles like this.

Check out The Worst Cameras of 2009 by the folks over at Digital Camera HQ. It includes the Fuji J20, Nikon S220, Pentax W80, Kodak C180, and more.

You've been warned!


On Facebook, a friend of mine, Jack Howard, made a good point:

"Honestly, I'm amazed at the vitriolic reaction to the W80. It is a camera designed for conditions where many other cameras can't go, and in pools, snorkeling, etc, it gets a heck a lot better shots than anything else simply by virtue of being there. It's a camera designed for outdoor real-world conditions, and it does this pretty well. Seems to me..."

And I responded to him with:

"I know what you mean Jack. I see similar reactions to cameras I've tested, and felt that they were OK (but not great). My bottom line is that a camera is a very personal tool, and that seems to be at the root of many people's opinions.

That being said, I love it that someone had the moxy to do a worst cameras list."

Just thought you might like the exchange :)