Use Adobe Updater for ACR 5.6 Installation

ACR 5.6 Updater

Adobe has released the final version of Adobe Camera Raw 5.6 that supports 20 new cameras including the Canon 7D, G11, S90; Nikon D3s; Olympus E-P2, and Sony A500, A550, and A850.

I think the easiest way to install the update is to use the Adobe Updater. Just open Bridge, go to Help > Updates, then choose Photoshop Camera Raw from the list. Updater will download about 50 MBs of new Raw profiles, ask you to quit Bridge, then finish the installation. It works great and is easy.


Your post piqued my interest. Please give us a more indepth post if you get a chance.

I don’t usually reply to posts but I have to in this case. Very nice! Grabbed the feed too :)