2010: Year of Software Decisions

As I look into my crystal ball for 2010, I predict we'll have new versions of many of the heavy-hitter software applications that we depend on for photo management and processing. How those new releases match up with the way we shoot will impact people on both sides of the equation.

Sometime during 2010, my guess is that we'll see Photoshop CS5 with updated versions of Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge. Lightroom 3 will probably come out of beta and on to the shelves. And Aperture 3 will most likely debut too. The big question is, how will those new applications match up to our evolving photography?

For example, I want one application that has Raw support for all of my cameras. I want to be able to catalog my video as well as my still pictures in the same environment. And I want integration with the other applications and services I use.

What's on your application wish list for 2010? If you have specifics that are important to you, please share them in the comments below.

Happy New Year! (It's going to be an interesting one...)

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The biggest software wish I have is for full 64-bit Snow Leopard support in either updated CS4 or a new CS5.

More time for shooting would be nice too, but software tools can only free up so much time. It would be nice if they would help with housework, yardwork, and all the other things that eat into my photography time!

Audio support.

I have a little Roland audio recorder that I use for recording interviews, singing in church, etc. I'd really love to have something like aperture or lightroom for organizing, tagging, and doing minor edits to audio files where the changes are stored as a bunch of layers that don't touch the original and have support for versioning and integration with imovie and idvd.

Really good call on integrating video into the still photography processing workflow. That would be brilliant.

Other things I'd like to see in Aperture 3 is stability within Snow Leopard and some of that fun, albeit unprofessional, iPhoto stuff like face recognition and GPS mapping.

Hi Derrick. You're bang on re video support. Importing into Aperture with nothing but a warning that there are video files that you need to look after, is not enough. I expect that if Apple is serious about video professional software they'll find a way to leverage both pro software programs into some management system. On another note, I find it difficult to understand the months of lag time between new cameras and raw support in Aperture. That's not pro support!

One of the things I'm doing today is setting up a hard drive that will be dedicated to 2010. I think I'm going to go with the referenced file approach for 2010 so I have all of my options open as this year unfolds. I'll be able to point any application to the same set of images.

I also hope that there is a new version of Aperture this year. My fear is that is will only come in an Intel version and I still have my G5 (my film scanner software only works with 10.4.11)

My wish: Serious open source contenders.

The GIMP is getting close for editing, but I want a seamless workflow solution.

sRaw support for the 5dmk2 in Aperture.