"My Photo Workflow for 2010" - Digital Photography Podcast 209

In this follow-up to last week's show, I finally nail down my photography workflow for 2010. I've decided to go the "referenced file" approach. So I purchased a new LaCie 320GB Rugged Triple Interface Portable Hard Drive (7200 rpm), cleaned off the hard drive on my MacBook Pro, and designed a totally flexible photo management system. You can hear all of the details in this week's show.

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I am going the same route, I am afraid that a closed libary will be à probl. in years from now. Additionally my Aperture Lib. was 309GB big, thats to much. Now I am looking as well seriously into Lightroom, Apple keeps their customers to long in the cold.

Very nice show. I did a trial of Adobe Lightroom and didn't follow through with a purchase as I was uncomfortable with giving up control of my master files. I use a YYMMDD + brief naming for where the photos were taken. In the folders are JPGs and RAW from several cameras. I am happy with my archive structure and I do backups from it. I also keep video files in these folders. Everything OK to here! BTW, I do have a copy of Elements 8 but haven't really worked with it yet for the same reason as Lightroom -- that Adobe wants to control everything. I also have not been able to figure out how to have Elements on my wifes computer and work with the same master files (on a network drive).

I think that my biggest problem is with the terminology that Abobe and Apple use for their "libraries" of photos. Because of that, I didn't follow your 2010 workflow on the podcast.

A diagram on the website would be really nice.

I wanted to thank you for these last 2 podcasts, I was pondering exactly what I wanted to do in the new year with my photo library. The information came along at the perfect time!

I don't have the same problems you do with RAW files that don't work with Aperture, but I was pondering whether or not to get Photoshop Elements (sadly, I can't justify the cost of the full Photoshop). If I set up using a referenced library, I will have the option of easily adding it to the work flow without changing everything in mid-stream. It seems to be a more elegant solution than importing to Aperture then exporting photos to be accessed through other software.

I really wish I could make it to MacWorld and take your Aperture class, sadly this is only a hobby for me and I can't manage time off from my real job to get to California then. One day I'll make it.

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I don’t usually reply to posts but I have to in this case. Very nice! Grabbed the feed too :)

Interessanter Beitrag, danke.

Thanks for the workflow idea. I currently use Aperture but want to leave my options open. I have CS4 and will try the Photo Downloader. Currently I create folders in Aperture and within them projects with event names. Put in basic Meta Data in as I upload and change the file names.

I was thinking about creating a folder or the year and camera make and then the project name. Not sure if I want to separate out files by camera or not. I could order by year, project then camera. Sometimes I shoot with a DSLR and compact at the same event, so that is where I got the idea.
Any ideas on folder structure?