Full Screen Browser in Aperture 3


One of the pleasant surprises in Aperture 3 is the new Full Screen Browser. To access it from the normal browser view in Aperture, all you have to do is hit the F key. This lets you dedicate every inch of your monitor to your pictures. This feature is a blessing while I'm using my 17" MBP on the road.

If you want to edit one of the images, just double-click on the thumbnail in the Browser to bring it to full screen, then hit the H key to bring up the Adjustments Inspector. At this point, you can work as normal. Another nice touch is, if you hold down the Shift key while moving any of the sliders in the Adjustments Inspector, the Inspector interface disappears except for the slider you're using. Again, this lets you see more of your image with less of the interface.

When you're done editing your picture, just double click it to return to the full screen Browser. Hit the F key to return to the normal Aperture 3 interface. Very nice.

Oh, and one other thing. Those images in the illustration... they are Raw files from my Canon S90. Aperture 3 decodes them wonderfully. I've also talked with LX3 shooters, and they too can decode their Raw files in A3.

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Derrick, I'm looking forward to more info, comments and reviews on Aperture 3! Thanks.

Cheers__ Heath

I'm watching your Aperture 3 posts with great interest. I want to know exactly what will happen when I do upgrade. I went a little nuts last week and bought myself a Nikon D300s. Of course my Aperture 2 works with the RAW files for this camera so I'm not in dire need of an upgrade. That's why I didn't spring onto it all at once. I wanted to see what you had to say.

I just discovered your blog. I have the lynda.com Apzerture 2 video and have learned so much. Can't wait for the Aperture 3 video!