iPhone Remote Control with DSLR Camera Remote


Control your Canon or Nikon DSLR remotely with your iPhone.

I knew there would be a good reason to hang on to my 1st gen iPhone after I had upgraded to the 3GS. Among other handy tasks, it is now my remote control for both the Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon Rebel T1i.

Using DSLR Camera Remote by onOne software, I can literally see through my camera lens on the iPhone with its Live View function and fire the shutter at any time. Plus, I can change the ISO, white balance, file format, and exposure compensation directly from my iPhone. I don't even have to be in the same room as the camera to control it. All I need is a WiFi network that my iPhone can log on to, and a Mac computer with the Canon connected via its USB cable. The entire setup takes about 15 minutes.

I like to use this rig for bird watching. I have a makeshift birdbath on my back patio. The birds love it, but they are shy and don't like it when I stand at the sliding glass door with my camera. So I plugged a DSLR into a MacBook running the DSLR Remote Server software (that's a free download from the onOne site), and monitor the bird activity on my old iPhone 1st gen while working away at my desk -- far away from the slider. When I see something I like, I hit the "Fire" button on my iPhone, and the DSLR takes a picture. I still have my new iPhone to take calls and use for other activity.

There are two versions of the iPhone app: Pro ($19.99) and Lite ($1.99). The Lite version allows you to trip the shutter and see a preview of the shot you've just captured. Very basic, but also very handy for only a couple bucks. The Pro version enables all of the functions I mentioned above, plus it includes an intervalometer, auto bracketing, and burst mode controls.

I tested DSLR Camera Remote with both the 5D Mark II and the T1i. It worked flawlessly with both cameras. I highly recommend it.

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Neat app. I wish it worked with the Canon Wi-Fi adapters and didn't require a USB tether, though. Then we'd REALLY be talking!

Well, Maybe it will work with the iPad. That would be cool.

I still think the tether to a computer is a big hang-up. For a really useful accessory, I'd prefer for the app on the iPhone to talk directly to the camera. Of course, that's not possible unless some smarts are added to the camera -- are you listening, Canon and Nikon? ;-)

I like the fact that it is tethered -- I don't have to buy a wireless remote and the images are on my laptop ready to use when I'm done with the shoot.

Great app -- I just wish I could get a live feed from my D200 (a limitation of the camera, not the application).

Dave, the Canons have all the smarts they need with the latest generation of WiFi hardware from Canon. The adapters work bi-directionally with live view, etc.

that was really nice to read that.. that was really great post.. it seem great.. ..

Great article and idea! Thanks for sharing, I hope to set-up something similar for my bird watching.