Switching Aperture to 32-Bit Mode


If you have to switch to 32-bit mode in Aperture to run your plug-ins, which are all 32-bits, you can do so via the Get Info box (File > Get Info). With the application closed, check the "Open in 32-bit mode" box, then relaunch Aperture. All of your current Aperture plug-ins should be available to you then.

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Thank you, Derrick. Vital info, especially if you live in Nik plug-ins.

Of course, this means that Aperture will only be able to use 4Gb of memory.

Yes, 4 GBs of memory max in 32-bit mode. But on my MBP 17", that's all I have anyway. Plus, all of my plug-ins are available now. And it is easy enough to switch back and forth.

Very helpful tip. Thank you.

Derrick -

The only Get Info box I can get using File>Get Info. does not have the box to check for 32-bit mode. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks -

Hi Dudley, You are running Aperture 3, right? This option isn't available in earlier releases.

Yes, I am running Aperture 3, and really liking it. This is the only problem I am having so far.

I have the same issue as Dudley. I have no Open in 32 bit mode" selection box in the Get Info. However, when in Aperture and I try to use a 32 bit plug-in, it asks if I want to quit Aperture and open Aperture in 32 bit mode.

The Get Info box shows a different Aperture 3.0 program size that is different from Derricks Get Info. My Application size is 717.9 MB (689,720,717) bytes.

Same here, my Get Info box doesn't have the '32-bit' checkbox. If I try to run a 32-bit plug-in, though, I get the option of restarting Aperture in 32-bit mode, which works fine.

Odd, but then again, I'm having some real issues with the release across the board. It hasn't been real stable for me.

I can not seem to get Aperture to show the check box for 32 bit in the finder window with Aperture closed. Any ideas. I use Nik quite a bit.

First, let me say it was a horrible upgrade but once the processing ended it was like a curtain parted and Aperture 3 is running super!! I'm using 2 gig ram. Keep the faith. Here are a few pointers that helped:
I upgraded via disk and found the "get info" appeared to be the Aperture 2 info (although it showed Aperture 3 install) and not 32-bit checkbox. Open Aperture 3 and go to Edit with Nik or another plug-in. Aperture 3 will show the plug-ins are 32-bit. Aperture 3 warns you the plug-in is 32-bit and you must close and reopen in 32-bit to use plug-in. It closes and reopens in 32-bit on its own. It then opens the plug-in. I cancel the plug-in and Aperture 3 will stay in 32-Bit mode until you close it again. This did help with speeding up the "processing". I did a couple of other things that helped with the install. I opened the View-show activity box and left it open. It showed the queue for processing and I was able to see the slow, slow process. Also I left open the "Force Quit" box (option+command+esc). I was able to see that Aperture was moving in and out of "not responding". When it did crash or hang up and I had to actually "force quit" I noticed I did not lose any of the processing. In other words if I had 60 items to process and it crashed at item 41, I reopened and it would show 19 items to process. My library has only about 5,000 images but it was hard to get it to respond long enough to open other windows. I created another library and place 3 images in it. I used that one to open the plug-ins and then switched to my main library to continue the "processing". Hope this helps.

Your description of how to get Aperture to run in 32-bit mode is the same workaround I am using to be able to use my plug-ins. I have spend lots of time putting out the question about how to view the Get Info. window with a 32-bit mode check box on the Aperture forum and OS X forum on Apple's website, but no solutions yet. I may have to break down and contact Apple when they are open again.

Francine Schwieder on the OS X Forum in Apple Discussions solved the problem of not being able to see the 32-bit check box on Get Info. for Aperture 3. All you have to do is to boot into Safe Mode, and then restart. Immediately afterward the check box becomes visible. I hope this works for others also.

Thank you all. It was quite a journey for me. 36hours+ though the upgrade (170K images). Then there was a still a number of images in the processing queue after many force quits. It kept getting stuck on one. Virtual Memory would go up into the high GBs. I'm finally happy though. Very happy. I had tried to reinstall Aperture 3, but I really think it was the 32bit. And thank you Dudley and Francine Schwieder for the checkbox tip, because I needed that. Wow. It screams now. I'm gonna edit even my rejects.

Hello Derek,
Do you have any secret or preferred way to treat metadata for imported scans? As you know if nothing is done the assumed capture date is the date of the scan import to Aperture. I use a custom field. I just wonder if there is a better way such as the source field.
Will you be doing Lynda.com training on Aperture 3?

Make that Hello Derrick, sorry.

Just a couple follow-ups here. Some good tips here about making sure the 32-bit mode option shows up in the Get Info. Goes without saying that you should quit Aperture before trying to switch modes.

As for the Lynda.com training, yes, I'll be doing it for them. The studio time is booked, contracts signed, and I'm writing the scripts.

Does anybody know how to uninstall a plug-in in Aperture 3? The plug-ins are not in the usual Library> Apps support folder.


To change to 32 bit on Aperture 3
Highlight the application in Finder (don't launch Aperture)
Goto Find (Finder menu); Get Info
Check the Open in 32 bit box.

Unable to change to 32 bit. Have booted in safe mode and rebooted. Still box to check 32 bit does not appear. Aperture 3.1.1 crashes just on starting. If I go into a plug in I can delay it. Interestingly Photomatrix opens, although I thought it was 32 bit and not 64 bit. I have an older MacBook Pro and I don't think it does 64 bit. Have no idea if Aperture 3 worth anything, since it will not stay open?????

"32 bit" checkbox not showing?

Hold down CTRL key when you right-click and select "get info". That should do the trick.