"The Right Camera Bag" - Digital Photography Podcast 214

Photo bags are like your cameras: you want the right tool for the job. Often this means having a couple different types of bags to meet the different situations you face as a photographer. In this podcast I help you get your bags together.

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I like the podcast embedded on the site. I subscribe thru iTunes but often I read your site over coffee in the mornings.

Hi Derrick,

Sorry to be a downer, but this podcast struck me as not much more than a Lowepro advertisement. Your points about point A to point B, and on-locations bags are valid, but the title of this podcast should really be "Choosing the Right Lowepro Camera Bag." The current title is disingenuous since you didn't discuss camera bags from innovative manufacturers like Think Tank, Crumpler, or Kata.

I realize Lowepro is your sponsor, but I think you should carve out some more independence for your own credibility. I thought I was going to listen to a podcast that discussed the merits of different designs from various companies, not a run-down of Lowepro's current inventory. For a more balanced approach, take a look at Thom Hogan's rundown of his favorite bags.

I was a longtime Lowepro user (and still use a few of their bags) but switched to Think Tank, because of their non-descript designs and innovative features. I also think some Kata bags are pretty nice.

I know it's a fine line when you are trying to maintain sponsorships and keep your blog going. But don't just become an advertiser, for your own credibility. I usually enjoy your podcasts, but I found this straight up marketing on behalf of Lowepro disappointing.

Even so, since you were doing such a great job of promoting Lowepro in the podcast, I actually came to the show notes to find the links of what you were talking about, but they weren't there.