"Catherine Hall Interview" - Digital Photography Podcast 217

Catherine Hall is one of those top-tier shooters, that when you meet her, you say to yourself: "Wow, she's the real deal." What I like about spending time with Catherine is that I always learn something new, see a fresh perspective, consider a different approach. After you listen to this interview, I'm sure you'll feel the same way.

Catherine Hall Photography

Our topic today is how Catherine prepares for a wedding shoot. From the time she has contact with the bride, to when she is packing her Lowepro Pro Roller x200, to the actual shoot itself. She's talented and delightful. I hope you enjoy the show.

You can learn more about Catherine Hall by visiting her website: www.catherinehall.net.

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Derrick you make me blush! I love your intro. you are amazing, and you are always inspiring me! Thanks for the fantastic interview - you have many skills!