Bluetooth Keyboard and iPad - A Powerful Combination

The Apple Bluetooth keyboard can be paired to the iPad. By doing so, you open up a whole new world of input options for this device. In this video I show you how easy it is to navigate through a document, select text, copy, paste, and delete. You'll now love your iPad as much for productivity as you do for entertainment.

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Great info, Derrick. I assume one could actually use any standard Bluetooth keyboard... can you think of any reason that wouldn't work?

I haven't tested other BT keyboards, but I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't work...

Don't forget to play with the other standard Mac keyboard shortcut tricks, such as holding the Option key to jump around 1 word at a time. I don't have an iPad yet, but it's been a Mac standard forever and I'm guessing it will work just fine. Try it with the arrows, with Shift, with Delete and even with Forward-Delete (by adding the "fn" key into the mix). I find myself using Fwd-Delete on a word-by-word basis (fn-Opt-Delete) surprisingly often, come to think of it. It's really handy while editing.