Coolest iPad Apps for Photogs? Keynote and CameraBag

After two days of investigating photography apps in iTunes for the iPad, the two downloads that impressed me the most were Apple's own Keynote (rewritten for the iPad) and an iPhone favorite: CameraBag. Keynote is far and away the best presentation tool for building photo presentations on the iPad. And the developers over at have added some nice touches to CameraBag for adding effects to images in your iPad albums.

I've been adding images to the iPad from a couple different sources. The first from Aperture vla a Smart Album that iTunes can see during syncing. The second is using the download image option in Flickr. I've been saving my photos to Flickr at 1024 on the widest side, which works out great when I download them later to te iPad. I'll cover these two apps, and photo workflow on the iPad in more detail soon. But if you're working with the device right now, I would take a look at these applications.

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Sorry if I'm jumping ahead to your next post Derrick, but...I assume that when you sync an Aperture album/project of RAW files, the photos get resized as they go into the iPad. Are they resized to 1024x768? Thanks, looking forward to your future iPad posts.