"Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wireless SD Card" - Digital Photography Podcast 223

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 is the latest incarnation of a clever memory card for SD compatible cameras that provides wireless uploading of images, geotagging, and a new feature called endless memory. I've tested a Pro X2 for a couple weeks, and I've found some interesting uses for it. In this podcast I discuss the Pro X2 and some of the ways I like to use it.

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1 Comment

I purchased this card after listening to your podcast. Unfortunately, we had a glitch in the setup. The account creation process didn't work, and there seems to be no way to go back to that screen! Even re-installing didn't work. The "forgot password" process says my email address isn't a real account, but won't let me set up a new one. Frustrating! Interesting idea, but I don't need products that make me frustrated. That's why I gave up on Windows. :-) I also didn't like fact that the Eye-Fi icon at the top of the Mac's screen was orange. Kept grabbing my attention. Oh well. Back to the store.