"Printing Red River Style" - Digital Photography Podcast 220

I recently sampled the new Polar Pearl Metallic by Red River Paper, and I was very impressed by the image that emerged from my inkjet printer. So I thought it would be fun to sit down with Drew Hendrix, VP and evangelist for Red River, to get the inside scoop on the Metallic stock, his personal printing tips, and what we can expect in the future of personal printing.

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I got some of that metallic paper last week, but haven't printed on it yet. I'm trying to decide what type of picture will look best on it.


I liked the podcast about the Red River paper so much that I ordered a box of the 10x7 notes/envelopes to do a wedding rehearsal invitation (and also got a supply of sample paper to boot ....)

First, my ordering experience from Canada was excellent - delivered door-to-door, zero-hassle, all charges paid up front for shipping/duty et al - so that was great.

I have an Epson 4800 and struggled somewhat with the 10x7 size as the printer kept rejecting it at print with a RELOAD PAPER error. I finally figured it needed a minimum of 10x8 so I told the printer it was 10x8 and kept the printing 1.5" up from the bottom (and turned it landscape). I was printing directly from Lightroom after doing a bit of a softproof in PS for the paper's color profile.

That being said, losing a full 1/2" on the real bottom was a drag. I'd love to see a few of your layouts for layout ideas and would be delighted if you could post some or point me to a page to see some (of your) card examples.

Thanks again for the great information.

My final cards looked great after I futzed with the formatting owing to the printer's limitations.

cheers, jc