The $2 iPad Stand

The iPad belongs on a stand. Whether you're using it as a digital photo frame, or have it propped up while typing with a Bluetooth keyboard, a portable stand improves the situation. I've been using this simple wire display stand that costs around $2, folds up for easy transport, and is feather light.

Wire Book Stand for iPad

An Apple iPad on a $2 wire display stand. Click on image to enlarge.

The steel wire is vinyl coated and the hinge washers are plastic so the stand will not scratch your brand new iPad. When you're on the go, this trio weighs in less than 3 pounds: iPad (1.5 pounds), keyboard (11.5 ounces), and stand (1 ounce).

iPad on Stand with Keyboard

Traveling Light! iPad, keyboard, and stand weigh less than 3 pounds. Click on image to enlarge.

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Can anyone find this in the UK? I've searched high and low. This is similar but doesn't fold (extra large, 4th down):

Better value than the $50 Griffin stand, anyway!

Seriously, I'm amazed that Apple neglected to do 2 things with the iPad to address these issues:

1. They should have put a strong magnet in the back of it, so you could stick the iPad on a metal surface (like the refrigerator or on a washer or dryer). Then people could just slap it up on an appropriate surface, around the house, and use it to watch video while doing housework. Since Apple had the recent fixation on magnets anyway (magnet built into the side of white iMacs to hold the remote against the side of them, and mag-safe power adapters on the notebooks), it seems like a big oversight?

2. I don't get why Apple didn't integrate some sort of stand onto the back of the iPad, similar to what picture frames have? Seems like it could have been done in an elegant manner, with the center-rear part of the iPad having a swing-out stand with the Apple logo printed right in the middle of it. Maybe they thought they'd make a killing on their iPad cases with built-in stands if they left it off?

Ordered 2 in black from Gibson as soon as I saw this post (April 21). Both arrived yesterday (April 22). Very quick service. Looks great. Wish the 3G shipment was as quick.

Will this stand hold the iPad in the portrait orientation?

Does the iPad feel stable on this stand?


...thanks for that. I also got a couple.


What a great idea. Just ordered two fro Gibson. Thanks!

This is such a sleek, awesome idea! Love the stand. I'm having a real hard time eyeballing the measurement for the stand... there's 1A, 2A, 2AX, and 6A! Could someone please let me know - on your good soul - which it would be? Desperate for the stand! The docked keyboard with portrait mode is a bit iffy for me. :( xxThanks in advance.

Actually this was a good idea for $2 but mine failed, it kept allowing the iPad to slide too much and fell 1 time (at least once). It was a real big issue since the darn thing is a bit big (10inches) and a bit on the heavy side. iPad should be about 1/2 the weight IMO, just needs time and improvements with new versions.

Bonnie Smith
COO/Director FXP

What I don't get is way Apple doesn't include something as basic and necessary as a stand and a cover with each purchase. Instead, you get two stickers. Since each iteration of an iPod/iPad/iPhone is different, your purchased stand/cover will be not be reusable.
Come on Apple, put this billions to good use, give us something for free.

I picked up a similar wire stand from 'Dollerama", a dollar store, in Ontario Canada, for Can$2 (Probably it would be a 'Pound' store in the UK). The same store also had a plastic stand for an iPad with a 'Phillips' label on the box for the same price.

Not everything is cheaper on the internet!


I've been using this stand since I got my first iPad, when the first version came out. It works great. I took it with me on a trip and lost it. Now I am doing this internet search to find out what the stand is called so I can get a new one! The Gibson Holder two wire display stand 1A is all I need and the price is right!