Acme Made iPad Cases for Style and Protection

When I'm dashing to a meeting with my iPad, I prefer to tote it in a case. It's easier to hang on to, and I don't have to worry about accidentally dropping it. Initially, I tried the Apple iPad Case. Even though it functions well, it doesn't feel good in my hands. And it's not exactly a fashion statement. I decided to try two cases from Acme Made instead. And I can tell you right now, both feel and look much better.

So I packed up both the Slick Case and the Skinny Sleeve and headed off for a 10-day trip that included New York City and Bermuda. I spent time in cabs, on planes, sailing on a large ship, and hopping around on buses. Most of the time my living space was tight.

I really became attached to the Slick Case. Holding the iPad while in the case feels great. When I want to watch a video or type with the Bluetooth keyboard, I fold the case back and use it as an adjustable stand. The padded pocket is a perfect place to stash a large microfiber cloth for wiping off the iPad screen when it gets smudged. In other words, the Acme Slick Case is now my case of choice.

But I've included brief overviews of both cases, because for some the Skinny Sleeve will be more useful, especially if they want to stow their iPad in a tight space. It's a little thinner than than Slick Case. Read on to see which one is the best for you. 

Acme Made Slick Case for the iPad


The Slick Case has a book-style design that secures the iPad on one side and includes a padded sleeve on the other that can be used for documents, cables, and even your charger. It's fully padded to prevent any rubbing against the iPad glass screen. The Slick Case is idea for business meetings, coffee shops, air travel, and any other environment where you want to look sharp.

The black version has a matte finish neoprene stretch shell that feels great and maintains its good looks. There's also a glossy white edition. The lining is soft to ensure that your iPad's screen maintains its integrity. I also like the convenient double zippers. Once the case is open, you can fold it back like a magazine. This provides a very comfortable grip for the iPad, yet keeps your fingers off its glass surface. You can also use it this way as a stand when you're typing with a keyboard or viewing movies. 

The Slick Case is available for $35.


Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for the iPad

The Skinny Sleeve is also made of neoprene, but it has a high gloss outer surface with soft protective lining. In addition to its stylish design, the Skinny Sleeve is just that: a super thin case that secures your iPad, and it fits just about anywhere. It's perfect for large handbags, backpacks, and camera bags. It includes extra padding on one side to provide additional protection for your iPad screen. The $29.99 Skinny Sleeve is available in black or white. 

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How much heat is retained otherwise would be
dissipated when having a case on while using the iPad.

I love the style but it looks too flimsy to hold the ipad. I really don't want to drop it.

I did not know there were cases for iPad until know. I was soo afraid to let it down that I did not take it outside my house. However, I am not sure those cases you are showing us are really going to protect an iPad fell on the floor...

Oh thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading!!

I actually have an Acme Slick Case for my iPad, it's not bad at all, especially the extra storage. However, it's a bit too shabby for my taste.\

I started using another case (no brands mentioned) since it was a bit bigger and allowed for more storage. The actual side zipper was what got me to switch, my case actually has a real good one. :)

Bonnie Smith
COO/Director FXP

thank you for your sharing
just like it

Thank you for sharing this info about the Slick Case for the IPad. I think i might get me one. Cheers.

I don't use the original skinny sleeve either. It's not big enough to protect the phone and sometimes it slips off.

I accidentally dropped mine while I was in the park. I don't know if it was for the case or not but it didn't get a scratch.

I got the slick case and now I have to buy a bag for the case itself. I loaded it with lots of documents and cables and it is not convenient to carry.

I bought that slick one too but I only used it a couple of times. It takes me time to take it out and then put it back in.

It really fits all bags and the device is well protected. I can find it more easily that way.

I thought the case was useless but I noticed a few scratches have already appeared on the surface :(

If you want to enjoy your ipad longer make sure it is well protected from occasional scratches and hits.

Who on earth would use the ipod when it is in the case? The skinny sleeve looks much better.

My home keys made a huge scratch on the display. I had forgotten to put it in its case before dropping it in my bag.

I think the skinny one is more elegant. But I guess it will need more cleaning.

I was quite skeptical and underestimated the use of the case before but I changed my mind.

I didn't like the cases they sold so I made myself one using a special fiber cloth.

Sounds like you are more attached to the case than to your iPad. I personally don't use one.

Sounds like you are more attached to the case than to your iPad. I personally don't use one.

Loved the 2nd case. I wonder if they make cases for ipad2 as well

Does this offer a good standard of protection for the iPad? I've always been paranoid about damaging the screen while I'm on the go.

damn i'm out of date i still only have the ipod touch but its jailbroken hehe

That is one good looking case!