Highly Useful: iPad Camera Connection Kit


In the few weeks I've been using the iPad Camera Connection Kit, I've found it to be a highly useful accessory. Macworld just posted my official review of the Camera Connection Kit, and it's worth a read if you want to get a fast start to using the accessory.

The highlights for this pair of dock connectors that allow you to directly import images from your camera to the iPad are:

  • It's fast. I was very impressed with how snappy everything worked. Not at all like the old days of uploading photos to an iPod.
  • Maintains the integrity of your images. If you upload Raw files, then connect the iPad to your Mac to transfer the images, you get Raw files coming out too. Same goes for Jpegs and movies.
  • Able to connect iPhones and iPods too. Nice way to move a favorite image from your iPhone to the iPad.
  • Small on size; affordable price. They don't take up much room, which is important for iPad users, and the kit costs $29.99.

Now I can carry any camera I want with the iPad, take photos, go to a local coffee shop, play with the images, and have them on my Flickr account before my cup of French Roast gets cold. Good times!

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What cameras have you tried the RAW files with the iPad? I don't see an official list on the Apple iPad page. I have the Canon T2i which wasn't supported by MacOS X until after the iPad was released. My camera connection kit won't ship for about 3 more weeks. Just wondering if it will work.


I believe you mentioned in a podcast that you shot raw+jpeg but only uploaded the jpegs to your iPad. I would like to do this too but don't see that option when I plug in my sd card via the camera connector. Do you have any advice.