How to Build a Professional Slideshow in Aperture 3

Aperture 3 not only lets you integrate your still images and movies into professional looking presentations, it also allows you to export your work to a variety of video formats. In this video tutorial from my Aperture 3 Essential Training on, I show you how powerful slideshow authoring is in Aperture.

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To learn more about Aperture 3, check out my Aperture 3 Essential Training on Also, take a look at our Aperture 3 Focus Section. Tons of free content about how to get the most out of Aperture.

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Love the podcast and the website, what a wealth of information.
I wanted to ask you if you have come accross this issue with Aperture 3.0? I saw your skin smoothing video and had the perfect image to use it on but when I clicked on the quick adjustment, the brick shows up in the HUD but the image goes black and can't be worked on. This image had been round tripped to Photoshop CS3. Do you think that the round trip did something to the image so Aperture can't adjust it? File size is a bit big, 45MB but my machine is more than capable. I am running a MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo w/ 4GB of RAM and 12 GB of free disk space. Aperture is 3.03 DCR 3.03 Version. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for all that you do.

Hi Brian, I have not run in to that issue. But, if you follow my Aperture teaching, you know that I try to roundtrip as little as possible. Most of my Photoshop work is to put the finishing touches on an image before I send it off to its final destination, such as making a large print. If I figure out what happened to you, I will certainly post. Cheers!