How to Create and Deliver Content for the iPad

Wouldn't it be wonderful to build multimedia presentations of your work using HTML5 and publish them online to be enjoyed by iPads all over the world? As of today, you can. And it's easy.

iPad Publishing

Thanks to a new web site called Padilicious, you can download prewritten Automator Actions that allow you to create browser based content for display on the iPad and Internet-connected computers. Simply select the project images in Aperture, iPhoto, or the even the Finder, and run a simple Mac OS X Service that automatically builds an iPad web-app and hosts it on your MobileMe website for others to easily view on their computers and iPads.

I created and published this presentation titled, A New York Short in about 15 minutes. You can view it on your computer, but the real magic happens when you access this URL via your iPad. If you want to watch it full screen on your iPad, simply Bookmark it (use the + symbol in Safari) and choose "Add to Home Screen" from the popup menu. Now all you have to do is tap on the new App icon you've created, and the iPad will allow you to enjoy the presentation in full screen mode.

This authoring tool opens new doors for content creators who want to build custom presentations for the iPad. All the instructions, plus the installers, are available at And it's all free.

One tip for MobileMe users. Be sure you publish your content in the Web folder on your iDisk. The path is: yourname > Web > Sites > yourpresentationfolder. I made the mistake of dropping it directly in the Sites folder at the top level. Ack! That doesn't work.

Photographers and writers... have fun with this!

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Hey, that is pretty cool. Interesting what they have accomplished.

Thanks for showcasing it.

A fun, useful and interesting app. Slide five is blank and only shows the blue Flash box. Is there supposed to be audio? I saw the icon to turn the audio off or on but could hear nothing. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip

I tried the Padilicious services, but cannot manage to build the site. I end up only with the cover page, and the link which is supposed to go to photos - is inactive.
I tried with all options, filled all lields, no luck.

Any idea? Thanks

I don't think it is possible to have a sound as well, though I wonder what is the icon for then.