"Samsung NX10 DSLR" - Digital Photography Podcast 227

The Samsung NX10 is a mirror-less DSLR featuring a 14.6 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, 3" LCD, electronic viewfinder, Raw capability, 720p HD movie recording, and just about every control a serious photographer would want. All of this packed into a body that is smaller than your traditional SLR.


In this podcast, I walk through the performance and handling of this $650 camera by Samsung, plus talk about how its Raw files stack up against the in-camera processed Jpegs.

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This may be a bit pedantic, but there is no such thing as a mirrorless dSLR. These cameras are better described as EVIL (which was coined by Thom Hogan.)

- John

You're right, it is a bit pedantic.

At this point in time, the general audience doesn't recognize the term EVIL. Maybe up the road that will change.

The industry itself tends to call the cameras MILs: Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens cameras.

And although I doubt the factual basis of John's post, it would certainly make sense for Hogan to have coined the phrase 'EVIL' -- as bad an acronym I can imagine to try selling something to the public. Based on what I've seen from Hogan, if he worked at Starbucks his marketing sense would have him advertising "Hot Bean Water."