"The Nimble Photographer" - Digital Photography Podcast 226

Essential gear for photographers is lighter and more powerful than ever. But how light can you go and still have everything you need? How does 5.5 pounds sound? Yes, that's total weight that includes camera, computer (with full keyboard), tripod, bag, extra battery, extra memory, glasses, cables, iPod, and a few personal items. All of this for less than 6 pounds.


With this set up, I can shoot Raw+Jpeg, transfer photos from camera to computer, upload them to my website, answer email, write notes, edit my pictures, and just about any other task I need. I can use a local WiFi network or tap a cellular connection.

In this week's podcast, I list every item in my Nimble Photographer kit. Plus I include links to these items here in the show notes. You can certainly substitute items as needed, but this lineup will get you headed in the right direction.

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In this video, I show you all of the gear that I use for the Nimble Photographer kit.

Parts List for Nimble Photographer

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Here are my favorite iPad applications to complement this workflow:
Photogene - image editing
PhotoPad - image enhancement and editing
Voice Memos - sound recording
AudioMemos - sound recording
Todo - personal organizer
Keynote - multimedia authoring
Pages - word processing
TweetDeck - Twitter
BlogPress - blog posting and management
GoodReader - for just about any attachment

Hi Derrick, thanks for this podcast. I really enjoyed it. I was wondering whether you could include your favourite applications for MacBook setup on the go?

You bet, Tam. Favorite apps for the MacBook for the nimble photographer:

Aperture - photo management and editing
Photoshop CS4/CS5 - panoramas, HDR, photo merging, advanced editing
MarsEdit - blogging app
Transmit - FTP client
SnapNDrag - screen capture
iWork 09 - productivity
Audio Hijack Pro - audio recording
Fission - audio editing
QuickTime Pro 7 - all things multimedia
iTunes - ID3 tagging, app store, music downloads, etc

Followed this from an old TWiP and have just listened to the podcast (June 6th). Still awaiting my iPad 3G but am excited by the possibilities.
One question - when you upload the RAW+JPEGS, are you then working on the JPEGs in the workflow? If so, does it matter to you that any later work on the RAW's won't match the work done on the JPEGs?

Great podcast; thanks Derrick.

Now let's change it up a bit. Let's say you were looking for a bag that could operate as both a daypack and a travel bag. So, while flying, traveling, whatnot, it would accommodate your DSLR (or in my case, E-P1) and a couple lenses, iPad, headphones, various accessories, and a book or magazine or two. While being used on a day hike, or while out and about sightseeing, can accommodate the camera plus a lens or two, a layer or two, a few snacks, and maybe a small first aid kit, while keeping the camera readily accessible at any time.

Is there any LowePro bag that can fit this bill? I'm thinking the SlingShot 202 AW could work, but am not sure if it can accommodate the iPad.

Is there an iPad app which can rate and tag images on import?
Obviously I'd like this to go in as IPTC data for later export.
I'd like to offload more of my workflow to the iPad.

Derick: What low pro case are you using in the video for the canon S90. I need a case like that for my S95