Watch iPad Netflix Movies on Your HDTV


Even though it isn't listed on the Netflix instantly to your TV page, you can watch lots of movies and TV shows streamed from your iPad to an HDTV. The set up is easy, and the quality is remarkably good. The basic tools you need are:

  • Netflix account
  • Netflix iPad app (V 1.0.3 or later)
  • Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter
  • Audio amp with speakers that you can connect to the iPad headphone jack

  • Using this rig, I connect the VGA Dock adapter to a VGA cable that has male prongs on both ends, then to the VGA input on my Sharp HDTV (making sure I change the input from "cable TV" to the "iPad" using the remote). This moves the video signal only, so then I connect the audio out from the headphone jack on the iPad to my sound system.

    Once you start Netflix on the iPad and choose a show to watch, the app senses the output connection and sends the feed to the TV. You can watch in either full screen or letterbox (letterbox looks better on my TV) by tapping the TV icon in the upper right corner of the Netflix app. Now enjoy!

    A couple notes: 1) Make sure your iPad is charged because the dock is occupied with video output. 2) You might want to dim the iPad screen before you start the Netflix app because it stays on (as the controller) during output to your HDTV. 3) If you don't want to go the Netflix route, which requires a subscription, this technique also works with the YouTube app for the iPad.

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You can also use the apple component and composite video cables as well, then you don't need a separate sound system. Works pretty well.

I tried to use the apple video cables but there is no sound coming out. Do I have to change some settings or it is because of the cable?