Mastering the Heads Up Display in Aperture

The Heads Up Displays, often referred to as the HUDs, are some of the application's most distinctive features. By taking just a few minutes to learn their essential keystrokes and capabilities, you can speed up your workflow considerably.

In this 2:34 movie, I cover the Inspector, Keywords, and Lift and Stamp Heads Up Displays.

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1 Comment

Just got through studying Aperture 3 via your videos on

Very helpful, thank you. I have been using Photoshop, but can do a lot in Aperture. I agree that the less one uses roundtripping, the better.

One thing I would like to do in Aperture is to be able to use something comparable to the Magic Extractor tool that allows for selecting an object in a photo and having it appear as the foreground object while making the background object disappear, or become transparent. I want to be able to mask the background.

Does Aperture 3 have a similar tool to accomplish this? Brushes seem to work well as a selection tool. Can transparency be brushed into a photo?

Thanks again!