Using "Highlight Hot and Cold Areas" in Aperture 3

Turning on "highlight hot and cold areas" can help you fine tune exposure adjustments when putting the finishing touches on your pictures. In this 2 minute video, I show you how to use this technique effectively.

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I always lower the Black Point to get rid of the blue shadow areas. Is using the Shadows slider a better choice? What's the difference between the two?

I usually use the Black point slider to increase the density of blacks, and the Shadows slider to open them up. But you're right Steve, you can use these in any combination that works for you. Same is true for the Exposure, Recovery, and Highlights sliders.

It is my understanding that the black point actually sets the level at which a pixel is represented at black, while the shadows slider is actually used to increase or decrease the clarity/details of the darker "sahdows" of the image. A subtle , but important difference.