"Canon T2i (550D) Review" - Digital Photography Podcast 232


The Canon T2i (550D) has taken the entry-level DSLR to a new place. If you put an "L" series lens on this camera, you can rival the results of more expensive, prestigious models. In this podcast, I put the T2i through its paces, then report on the pros and cons of Canon's most ambitious consumer DSLR to date.

A few of my favorite features? I love the new 3:2 high resolution LCD, the external mic jack, full HD video capture at 30, 25, 24 fps, and the outstanding image quality. And there's more!

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Re your comments about the charger for the LP-E8 battery needing a cord:

This is normal for those of us outside North America. For example the standard charger that comes with the 5DmkII and 7D (for the LP-E6 batteries) is the LC-E6E which uses the same "figure-8" cord connector. The CB-2LWE charger I have here for the old "Rebel" NB-2LH batteries uses the same cord.

It seems you're upset that there's no charger like the LC-E6 (no trailing 'E') for your 5DmkII (with a flip-out US-style plug): apparently the LC-E8 uses a cord (and thus Canon can sell the same charger worldwide).

But these cords really aren't a big problem are they? At least they're standard, and mix-n-match between brands. I have a couple of very short ones in my travel kit (plus one with a Euro plug). I remember years ago I forgot the cord for the Toshiba Satellite laptop I was using at the time, and just got a replacement cord at a local electrical appliance store (the same cord as this: also used by things like some sewing machines, VCRs, DVD players, etc). In fact the same cords can be used with the Apple PowerBook/MagSafe/USB power bricks.

Taking that to an extreme, you can even use the tiny Apple plugs (which turn the bricks into "wall-warts") for your local power sockets with the Canon chargers!

The only thing in my travel kit that doesn't use these is my AA charger. Everything else does (Lumix charger, Canon chargers, Apple power bricks).

That is a great tip, David, about using the Apple plug adapter on the camera battery charger. I am definitely going to test that. Much thanks!

My T2i also came with the battery charger with a cord. But I actually like it better than the one that I had with the XSi. This way I can plug the charger into the UPS and not have to climb down under the desk to charge the battery.

I'm glad to hear that the T2i will work even better with an L lens. Any of those that are affordable for us mere mortals who still have to pay a mortgage and send kids to college?

Thank you for this review. I've been eyeing the T2i as an upgrade to my current XTi and it sounds like it will do nicely.

I did have to laugh a bit when you mentioned feeling odd putting an L lens on the older Digital Rebels, though. I also have the 70-200 f4 L lens and use it on my XTi all the time. I've never felt odd about it at all.

Hi Derrick,
Thanks for the review on the T2i. I am still with my 3OD and am ready for an upgrade. The most important feature for me is low light performance. ISO 1600 with the 30D is a stretch in most situations but I do use it a lot. I have conisdered various options, including a full frame option from Canon and one of the great low light options from Nikon. Do you feel the T2i has significantly better low light performance than a 30D despite having nearly twice the pixels?
Thanks for everything,

Good review of the T2i. I picked one up the other week for a trip to the Outer Banks area and to replace my aging XTi. All I can say is what a difference. I didn't have to break out my 580EXII for the whole trip and was able to shoot inside the lighthouses with little trouble. My XTi wouldn't have been able to come close to the quality of pictures using my 17-40 f/4 L or my 100 f/2.8 macro lens. The only thing I don't really like is having to pick up SD cards when I have plenty of CF cards and the extra file sizes are something to get used to with reguards to hard drive space. Now all I need is an extra battery and the grip.