Eye-Fi Card, iPad, and ShutterSnitch for Wireless Transfer

When I work with the iPad, I want to work fast. Transferring images from my Canon PowerShot S90, even with the very cool Camera Connection Kit, takes longer than I want for blogs and social networking posts. Fortunately now, using the Eye-Fi Pro X2 WiFi SD Card, and a nifty application on the iPad called ShutterSnitch, I can send images directly from my camera to the iPad in about 3 seconds.

ShutterSnitch on the iPad iPad image downloaded wirelessly from an Eye-Fi card using ShutterSnitch. Click for larger image.

I've been following this story since the initial release of ShutterSnitch, and have even exchanged emails with the developer. I'm just now writing about the application because I feel it's finally easy enough for most users to set up. Quite frankly, in the past it was too dificult. Now, as of version 1.1.6, all you have to do is this:

  • Set up your Eye-Fi Card - Make sure the wireless network you'll be using is registered with the card using Eye-Fi Center. Also make sure that "Public Hotspots" and "Relayed Transfer" is turned off.
  • Set up ShutterSnitch - Click on the Options button and choose "Set up Eye-Fi Access." You'll need your Eye-Fi user name and password.
  • Create a new Collection in ShutterSnitch - You have to be within a Collection to receive photos from the Eye-Fi card.
  • Take a picture - Within a few seconds ShutterSnitch will download it to the iPad.

Once the photo is on your iPad, you can send it via email, add star ratings to organize within the Collection, export to your Photos album, send up to Flickr, and more. The images sent via email were full size. Nice.

ShutterSnitch is available in the iTunes App Store for $8. And I'm happy to recommend it.

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Sweet! You did that without jail breaking the ipad. I am all for that. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, ShutterSnitch has evolved nicely so you don't have to jump through any hoops to set this up. And to tell you the truth, I find this set up to be my favorite use for an Eye-Fi card.

I've been looking for a similar setup, the only thing that i potentially see with this set up, please correct me if i'm wrong, is that i always have to be on the same network that i've previously set up. How does this work if say i'm traveling and not on my home network, or a network i've pre-set-up?

John, You can enter up to 32 networks on the Eye-Fi Card, so you can program your home, work and additional locations as long as you know the SSID and password.

One setup to consider is to have a small portable router that is part of your travel kit. That way, when you travel you know that the Eye-Fi Card and the iPad will always be setup to communicate through your mobile router.

Randhir (Eye-Fi)