Prong Adapter for Battery Charger

Based on a comment by TDS reader David Burren, I discovered that I don't need to carry around those bulky cords for my camera battery chargers after all. The prong adapters that I have laying around the house for my Apple chargers also work in standard camera battery units. Wow! This saves me lots of space and hassle while on the road. Thanks David!


Please give specific example of when this would apply. What do the plugs look like at each connection point?

It does work but you lose the cord which may or may not be an advantage in a crowded outlet strip or wall outlet.

I use a camera battery charger cord on my MacBook Pro adapter for the times when a grounded outlet is not available. I find the added length of the cord very useful.

So how cool is that? I just used it for charging my Panasonic G1 battery and it works like a charm. No more cords for me. Thanks for the tip.


This is wonderful, since European electronics always come with cords -- now I can use my original camera charger :)

Hooray for standardization!