Best Shaved Ice on Kauai

Best Shaved Ice on Kauai, originally uploaded by The Digital Story.

When in Kauai, you must have shaved ice... as often as possible. I like a little ice cream at the bottom. You can pay up to $5 for one of these treats, but if you go to JoJo's in Waimea, you can have the best on the entire island, and for only $2. The perfect refreshment after a hike in Waimea Canyon or a swim in the ocean.


Nice shot, Derrick! Just to keep your island cred though, it's 'shave ice'. Mahalo!

I have no island cred! But I do appreciate the comment :) And I have to say, shave ice is wonderful.

If you happen to be in Hilo it's Ice Shave!