Image Editing on the Go with Photogene

If you don't think you can edit your photos on a portable device, then you haven't worked yet with Photogene for iPad, a surprisingly powerful editor that you can buy in the iTunes store for $3.99.

San Francisco, Fort Point

This image for example, was captured with an Olympus PEN and a 17mm f/2.8 lens at Fort Point in San Francisco. I then went to a coffee shop and transferred the images to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit. To create the cool look in the photo, I applied the "bleach" preset in Photogene, then uploaded to Flickr directly from the iPad.

In my spare moments, I've found myself playing with images in Photogene, just to get an idea of what's possible. It's a great creative process... in addition to getting your work done when you have to post a photo quickly.

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Great look with that processing.

Filterstorm is another iPad Photo App worth checking out.

It is amazing what can be done rather quickly on the iPad.

+1 on the Filterstorm app. I think it is the closest thing to an Aperture style app we have so far on the iPad, as far as is possible at the moment anyway just a few months after launch. It isn't perfect, but the developer (a Photographer himself) is working hard on improving it all the time.

We covered Filterstorm recently on a blog I write for too and loved it.