Jurassic Park Tree

Jurassic Park Tree, originally uploaded by The Digital Story.

This shot of a Moreton Fig Tree was captured in Kauai where scenes from the film Jurassic Park were filmed.

I recorded the shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, then processed the image on an iPad with Photogene. (I didn't bring a laptop in this trip, and doing just fine.)


Love this shot. I believe you did HDR on this ....am I right?


Cool Derrick, I didn't know they had them in Hawaii. Quite a few around here in Brisbane, Australia - Moreton Bay area, funnily enough! You've inspired me to go out and find a good one.

p.s. Have you checked out Filterstorm for the iPad? In my opinion, it's the best photo editing/post-processing app currently available - hands down.