"Cheap Photo Software that May Surprise You" - Digital Photography Podcast 239

Not all photo software has to cost you an arm and a shoulder strap. There are some excellent utilities that will set you back less than $5, or even free. And they are useful for the seasoned pro as well as the casual snapshooter.

This week I look at Preview for Mac OS X, and Photogene for iPad and Filterstorm, also for the iPad. Preview is free (included in Mac OS X), and the two iPad apps cost $3.99 each.

Preview App for Mac OS X Preview for Mac OS X is free, but includes some surprisingly robust editing tools. Click on image for larger size.

What's so amazing is how good all three are. Many Mac users know Preview for PDF reading, but don't realize there is a robust set of image editing tools there also. Meanwhile, on the iPad you have surprising pixel pushing power to create a very portable workflow.

I spend the most time this week on Preview, but do cover the other apps too. I think you'll be surprised by what you learn.

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Another cool thing about Preview is that you can actually extend its capabilities with the Automator app. With Automator you can do things using Preview that you can't do with Preview alone. And you can do it on groups of images.

To see what I'm talking about, open Automator and take a look at the actions you can do using Preview.

The best part of Filterstorm is the capacity to use layers to selectively edit portions of the image. Love it!