Off Camera Flash - The Single Light Portrait

Many photographers believe that they need an entire suitcase full of lights to create a professional looking portrait. In this video, I show you how to use one light, a stand, and an umbrella to capture a portrait that looks absolutely great.

This movie is from my training series, Off Camera Flash. By spending just an hour with this course, you can dramatically improve your indoor portrait photography, whether you're on location or in your own environment.

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Derrick I have just completed the Off Camera Flash training series on and I just wanted to write down two words to thank you for it!!
The course is very informative, complete and well done. Great stuff.
Thank you.

Just finished the offline course, not bad at all! I'm actually amazed at the quality of pictures I've been able to take.

Usually, I was getting poor quality and poor angles all around - non-stop pretty much, at least 80% of my pics were a big mess.

This is a real help, especially going step by step with the process. I'll be testing this on a bigger project I'm working on now, and will keep you posted.

Bonnie Smith
COO/Director FXP