Canon PowerShot G12 is Nice, but...

Score one for Nikon. In a week where the two heavy hitters announced their premium compact cameras -- Nikon Coolpix P7000and the Canon PowerShot G12 -- Nikon upped Canon in one critical area: audio recording.

How ironic, right? These are cameras. They capture pictures. Yes, but they also record HD video (720p at 24 fps). And for many of us, having a device that doubles as a video recorder is a big deal. And everyone knows, except for Canon, maybe, that audio is half of video. So what am I talking about? Nikon included an external audio jack on the P7000 and Canon did not on the G12. If you want to use these devices to record video for publishing, one of them is going to give you a more professional product (Nikon P7000).

Canon PowerShot G12

That doesn't mean that Canon slacked on the G12. The specs look great. But without external audio, I might as well stick with the Canon PowerShot S95 and save myself a few bucks, not to mention size and weight. I'll keep recording video with the 5D Mark II... for now, anyway.

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I agree. Canon need to be more aware of this. My new (compact-ish) Olympus Pen has an external jack albeit through a proprietary adapter. The difference between an onboard mic and an external is chalk and cheese. The Nikon looks wonderful. Now, if only it had a larger sensor in the same size body...

Derrick (or anyone), you praise the S90/S95 all the time, so what does the G11/G12 does have that the other model don't?


The G series are more ruggedly built for starters. They have more direct controls on them - my old G10 had an exposure compensation dial, ISO dial etc. They also sport a hotshoe which I used with my Canon flash. It looks a little ridiculous having a huge flash on top of a small camera but the results are great. It also has an optical viewfinder but I must say, it's pretty much useless only showing around 80 odd percent of the view.

I don't have a S90 (or S95 for that matter) but it looks like you're trading build, direct controls for a much more compact design but still using the same sensor.

So Roderick,
You don't really know, do you. It seems to me that you have neither camera, G12 or S90/95 and you are making comparisons on just what you have read. Shame on you.