Don't Forget the Little Things

Beer Service

It's easy to get caught up with the "big shots": grand architecture and beautiful landscapes. But don't forget to mix in the little things too -- items such as the dinner presentation, interesting signs, and in this case, a style of beer service that I had never seen before.

I really like the straight cylinder glasses that beer is often served in here in Cologne, Germany. So when I spotted this waitperson navigating a crowd with 11 full glasses, I just had to ask for a shot (and then a beer, of course!). Maybe it was the intoxicating goodness of the delicious brew, but this turned out to be one of my favorite images of the night.

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Hahaha. Great. The beer is called "Koelsch" and there are over 100 different varieties of that beer in Cologne. It's a very typical beer for the "Rheinland"-region and some of them taste really really good.
The waiter in your picture is carrying a "Kranz" of Koelsch which can be translated as 'crest', I think.
There's actually one place in the old town district where they sell you a meter of Koelsch. It's 10 glasses in a one meter long wooden tray. Go check it out ;)
In other parts of Germany, people sometimes make fun of the thin glasses by comparing them to test-tubes.
The beer is delicious. Living in London now, I really miss my home-town from time to time.

Anyway. Continue having fun @ Photokina, Derrick!