Nikon D7000 - Serious Camera at an Affordable Price

Nikon D7000

The Nikon D7000 is a camera that should have appeal to freelancers, photo journalists, and budding professionals. It combines durability ("protected by magnesium alloy top and rear covers and has durable sealing against dust and moisture") with 16.2 MPs and full HD video. Other goodies that I like include dual SD card slots, 6 fps burst mode, and an external microphone jack. And the best part is, all of these features are reasonably priced at $1,499 US.

If you're a Nikon shooter and ready to move up to a more robust DSLR body, take a look at the dpreview preview and the Chase Jarvis road test. I think Nikon found a sweet spot with the D7000.

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I have a D90, had it for 2 years now. Really like it, but this new body is very appealing to me. I'll wait until its out and tested "in the field", but I may do an unexpected move soon.

I'm specially interested in the video mode. For pictures, the D90 is already a good think, but for video it is poor in low light. I hope this one will be way better. And the external mike input is also a good news.

I had a D90 and loved the results but not the weight. This camera, as much of an improvement as it is, is even heavier than the D90. If I were looking for a DSLR right now it would be the Sony a33 or a55.

Hey you all, I buckled under the pressure and got me a D7K with the 18 - 105 lens
I have a D5K and must say that upgrading to the D7k is a good step because my work flow transition from the 5 to the 7 has been relatively painless apart from one thing the front dial on the 7, for the aperture takes getting used to and when i use the 5 as aback up i forget that it does not have the front dial for aperture when shooting in M mode. So now I set the 5 to either A or S when shooting as a back up
The 7 is amazing and the ISO show next to no grain at 3200 and is still very usable @ 6400

I now have the 5 as a back up, but when I do event shoots I use the 5 with the telephoto and the 7 with the 18 - 105 Hmm I just need a good 2.8 or fast lens and I have the perfect combo

I reckon the D90/D7k combo would be awesome because the workflow would be so simimlar