Are You Using the Wireless Scanner that's (probably) on Your Network?


Mac users who have an "all-in-one" printer and a WiFi network can take advantage of easy wireless scanning throughout the entire home or office. For my Snow Leopard computers, this is another of those " it just works" scenarios... as long as you know which buttons to push. To test this, I fired up three different all-in-ones: a Lexmark, HP, and a Kodak.

I then used the Preview app that comes installed with Mac OS X to control all operations. You can read the details from the test in my latest Macworld article, Scan Images Wirelessly with Preview. The bottom line is, there are some powerful capabilities waiting for you that can make your life easier.

Not only are you free of wires, allowing you to initiate and control a scan from every corner of the network, but there are also intelligent functions such as "detect objects" where the scanning software will create a number of individual scans from a document with many items on it. Very handy.

It's all quite easy, and most likely available to you right now. So start digitizing those documents.

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WOW!! I've been wanting to do this ever since I got my all-in-one. What makes it even better is I didn't have to install any software, drivers, etc.!! And, it just worked, first time. I love my iMac. Thanks Derrick. Love the podcasts!