I am Tempted by the Canon 60D

After playing with one at photokina, then continuing to study the specs, I have become quite tempted by the Canon EOS 60DDSLR body.


It all started with looking for a replacement for my Canon T1i. It's a great body, and I've enjoyed shooting with it, but there are some new features that I want for my work, primarily better video controls and an external mic jack. Initially, I was looking at the Canon EOS Rebel T2i upgrade, but the 60D gives me a swing out LCD, faster burst rate, in-camera Raw processing, image resizing, creative filters, and more.

Seems like for an extra couple hundred dollars, it's a better complement to my 5D Mark II. I'll let you know if I take the leap. As I said, I am very tempted.

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Buy mine. I hate it.

Seriously though, its a nice camera and all but IF it came out a year ago (when it was supposed to) then it would be a hit. But in late 2010 thn its pricepoint is too high in comparison to the D7000 and it's featureset too crippled compared to the 7D. All it really has going for it is the articulating screen. And as someone who was whining like a baby for a dSLR articulating screen, then I have to say I find it quite useless. Sure, its cool once in a while and it doesnt "hurt" the industry, but it's just not as useful (or used) as I thought. Partially because the focusing is so slow on liveview i guess.