FIVEPOINT Gloves: Stay Warm, Dry, and Connected

You're working in cold conditions and get a call on your iPhone. So you have to quickly yank off a glove to use the touchscreen before the ringing stops. Very stressful!

Well, it doesn't have to be that way thanks to the makers of FIVEPOINT Gloves. Their specially-designed conductive fingertips let you touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch your touch-screen gadgets in any way you choose. This includes iPhones and iPads. Plus, they are nimble enough to use with your camera too.

FivePoint Gloves

You can order FIVEPOINT Gloves directly from the etre shop in either medium or large sizes for the following prices: £24.99 GBP (That's about $39.33 USD or €29.52 EUR.). They ship worldwide.

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I picked up a pair of these, one pair for now - and they actually work real well. Before, when I was up-high or in cold weather, I had a terrible time using my touch-screen devices (including both apple and android OSs). With livepoint it's like I'm using my hands. One drawback --haha-- they aren't super fashionable, but I'm giving away practical to fashion in this situation.

Bonnie Smith
COO/Director FXP