Find the Right Glass with LensHero


Looking to add a new lens to your DSLR kit? You might enjoy browsing a site called LensHero. To get started, you enter the type of camera you're using and the amount of money you have to spend (you may want to consult your spouse beforehand). Then pick the category of glass that interests you, such as macro, wide angle, telephoto, fisheye, low light, etc.

LensHero then presents you with lenses that meet your criteria, complete with specs, pricing, user reviews, and of course, a link to buy. I enjoyed just seeing what types of lenses were available for my Canon 60D, and how much they cost. I like the low light options myself.

So, for fun, or for serious shopping, you might want to visit LensHero.

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Good idea on consulting before visiting. This site could be dangerous for your bank account!

Derrick; What is your opinion on using third party lenses instead of same make. I would love a macro for my Canon t1i, but right now can only afford a Sigma lens. Nothing against Sigma or other brands, just looking for your opinion on "cheaper" lenses.

I have a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 prime lens that I love. My general feeling about 3rd party lenses is that I look at their reviews a little closer that I would with a Canon or Nikon lens. And especially for specialty items, such as a single focal length macro, I would buy a Sigma or Tamron.