Photographer's Emergency Kit: The Movie

In a recent podcast, I described my photographer's emergency kit. Everything fits in a 3.25" x 3.25" filter box. Now, you can watch the movie where I open up the box and show all of the contents.

So, what goes in your photographer's emergency kit?

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When do we get to buy the Derrick Story Signature Edition kit ?

Hey Joe, that's so funny. You must have listened to the last TWiP show. I guess I better get cracking on that.

Nice idea, and a great use for a spare filter case! :-) I've got a few of those lying around. Oh, the brand is B+W if you ever wanted to know...

In my kit I always have a small rolled up plastic bag. Very handy if you want to keep your camera and lens dry if you are hit by a sudden rain! Oh, and I also keep a $10 bill in my kit in case I forget my coffee money!!! - jimmy