Stylish, Compact Bags for ILC Cameras

The new Lowepro ILC Classic 100($49) and the Lowepro ILC Classic 50($39) are two rugged, stylish camera bags for your Olympus PEN, Sony NEX, and other interchangeable lens cameras (ILC).

Both bags are designed to protect your gear, yet are so light and compact that you can take them anywhere. You can see a quick tour in this short video featuring both bags in use with Olympus PEN cameras.

Another online tool to help you find the perfect bag is the Lowepro ILC Fit Chart that matches the right bag for your particular camera set up.

Video recorded with a Canon EOS 60Dwith a Canon 17-40mm f/4 zoom and an external lapel mic. I used iMovie '11(which is part of iLife '11) for titles, final production, and uploading to YouTube.

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I have to say these look absolutely superb :).

Living in (often rainy) Europe, I'd have liked to see an AW cover on these though ;)...

Got my NEX-5 for Christmas and coincidentally I have just got a Lowepro Nova 140 AW for it the other day. It's a tad too large, but at least I have got space for a couple of other things (like one or two lenses, the stereo microphone, the flash, spare battery, etc).

Just love Lowepro designs...

I've been using both for a couple weeks now, Joris. You can't miss with either. It just depends on how much gear you need to carry. I've found that the Classic 50 also fits nicely in my regular backpack.

You guys should take a look at the Domke F-803, canvas or rugged wear. Sure it will cost a few more bucks- but these bags will last many more years, they dont look like "camera bags" and you can slip an ipad or a netbook into them as well.

Leica users for years have swore by these for their smaller camera outfits!