Why I Hold on to Older Digital Cameras


Often when I'm cleaning up around the studio, I wonder to myself why I keep so many older digital cameras. Then I have days like yesterday, and I remember why.

I wanted to shoot a time-lapse movie for a personal project I was working on. Nothing fancy, but time lapse was exactly what I needed. I looked at all of my current cameras that I'm using or testing, and not one had that function built-in. I would have to get some sort of accessory. We're talking about good cameras here: Canon S90, 60D, 5D Mark II, T1i, Olympus E-P1, E-PL1, E-5, E-30, and Sony T200. Not one had time lapse function built-in (that I could find anyway).

There was one exception (other than my iPhone): my trusty Canon G9. It has a time lapse option while in movie mode. I charged its battery, put in a fresh memory card, mounted it on a tripod, and recorded a nifty time-lapse movie that was exactly what I wanted. No post production. No fooling around.

I guess that camera won't be going anywhere, anytime soon...

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Yep, I still have my trusty Eastman No. 2 Cartridge Hawk-eye Model C. It's always useful when I need to fall back on 120 roll film in daylight situations. Great spring-loaded, two-way, one-speed shutter!

Sometimes a step forward is actually a step back.

Derrick I'd also suggest finding a old Canon Powershot that can run CHDK, they have timelapse scripts for it that work great!! I'm not sure if they ever ported it to the G9 but I love the versatility that CHDK brings to these little cameras, many features aren't even available on +$2000 cameras. You'd think for the price of a 5D MkII or D3x you'd get the kitchen sink..

I'm seconding the CHDK suggestion. It's perfect for an old but functional Canon that would otherwise be consigned to the drawer. I just got an S95, so I'm going to install CHDK on my old SD1100is so that it's worth keeping around.

In fact, it's been a while since you've discussed any hacks on the podcast; I think CHDK (and any Nikon/Sony/Olympus/Panasonic equivalents) would make a great podcast topic (apologies if you've already covered it; I don't recall you doing so in the year and a half that I've been listening).


I think that's a great idea. It's time to do a podcast about the fun stuff you can do with older gear, especially with some slight modifications. Consider it on the list.

To my personal "shame" I actually own 4 polaroids still and use them still haha. They are just so darn historical and so much recognition goes to these amazing cams. The trouble I'm having now is buying the film for it, as it's out of production. Was shipping a ton of it from china, total pain.

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