Rain Clouds, Interstate 5

When the sky is unsettled, it pays to have your camera next to you on the front seat of the car. As I headed down the heart of California on Interstate 5, I had one hand on my Canon 60Dand the other on the steering wheel.

Rain Clouds Interstate 5 Rain clouds on Interstate 5 captured with a Canon 60D and the kit 18-55mm zoom. ISO 100. Click on image for larger version. Photo by Derrick Story.

When this picture presented itself to me, I couldn't resist rolling down the window and capturing it. I recommend viewing the larger version (by clicking on the image) so you can better appreciate the power-line towers that add a nice linear element to the composition.

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Yes, I do this all of the time. Great idea.

Did you capture this in color or b&w in-camera?

I captured the shot in color, then pulled down the Vibrance setting to make it more monotone.

Hey Derrick,
Super shot of a super menacing cloud formation
i got a similar type of one coming home on a 70mph train a few months back though yours is waaay less blurry than mine :-)

Thats why i always take my camera with me

You never know when you are going to be in the story..

Wow! This is a great capture! It reminds me of the movie "Independence Day" when the alien mother ships were uncloaking (sans fire I guess). Schweet!

Derrick, you mean you PULLED over first, THEN took the shot, right?

PS: I do not work for the CHP, but just checking anyway.