"Creating Online Review Galleries" - Photography Podcast 259

What's the best way to share images with clients and subjects after a photo shoot? I recommend putting up an online gallery. But you may want to control who sees the images, and what they can do with them. In this week's podcast, I talk about using Flickr and MobileMe to provide secure galleries for the people you photograph. One is easier than the other to set up... and which one that is may surprise you.

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Hi Derrick,

Here's a thought in relation to the "Creating Online Review Galleries"
The podcast was as ever very good but here's a tip for the community

I use another feature in Flickr you may not be aware of its called guest passes.

Even if a set is marked private only viewable by yourself you can extend this to anyone you want.
For example i had a wedding shot last year and uploaded the images for proofing to a private set in Flickr.
Once in the set go to the top right hand corner where it says Share this.
It asks whether you want to add a guest pass and allows you to show the recipient items in that set marked as Friends Family or Private.
Tick the one marked private, enter the persons email address add a message if you want then press send.
This allows you to extent the facility without the problem of only having one person marked as a friend or family at any given time.
The person you send it to can forward this link on at will without any issue.
1 last great feature of this is that you can expire the pass at any time.
Its on your own page @ http://www.flickr.com/invite/history/guests/
Here you can do the admin side

Hope this helps

Hi John, I'm so glad you brought up "Guest Passes." I think they are an excellent feature for sharing Flickr sets privately. I was going to post a follow up myself after I realized this omission, but got distracted. Glad you did!