Fashion Shooter Vered Koshlano Sports Tech Vest

You don't have to be a guy to use a Lowepro S&F Technical vest, as proven by fashion photographer Vered Koshlano. In this Lowepro blog post, she explains why in a very fun 1-minute video recorded on the show floor at WPPI.

Vered Koshlano at WPPI

You can see Vered's work at

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She's a good model for that vest!

One question: Lowepro states that the vest must be worn with the S&F™ Deluxe Technical Belt or S&F™ Light Utility Belt. Vered doesn't seem to be wearing either belt... Why is a belt necessary?

Yes, if you're going to be toting gear such as lenses and camera bodies, you need some sort of belt with the vest. Because Vered is so petite, she can get away with wearing just the vest, although she would still need a belt for heavier gear. For most people, the vest is too short without the belt attached.