Review of DSLR Camera Remote HD for the iPad

There are a handful of applications that enable a connection from an iPad to your DSLR. But if you really want to control the camera remotely, take a look at onOne's DSLR Camera Remote HD for the iPad.

I've connected a Canon T1i, 60D, and 5D to my MacBook Air, and then used my iPad as command central. This includes working in Live View, video recording, and using the iPad as an Intervalometer to set both interval and number of shots for a session.

DSLR Camera Remote

The set-up is painless. First, I downloaded the iPad app from the App Store ($49.99). Then I went to the onOne site to download the server for my MacBook.


Connect the camera to the MacBook, turn it on, and fire up the server. Then launch the iPad app. It will see your computer on the WiFi network and list it for you. You tap the name of your computer in the list, and DSLR Camera Remote HD makes the connection. You now have control of your camera from the iPad

At this point, you can turn off and on Live View (for cameras that have it), take pictures, focus (via Live View), adjust parameters such as white balance and ISO, and even record video if your camera supports it. When all of the settings are to your liking, you can switch to full screen mode that gives you a bigger version on the image with the Fire button. You have the option of saving your photos to the computer only, or the computer and the camera.

DSLR Camera Remote HD is designed for Canon and Nikon cameras. The interface is well designed, functionality works great, and for Canon users in particular, it's worth the price for the Intervalometer alone.

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Will this little puppy work with a slightly older Canon like a Rebel XTi?

Happily, DSLR Remote works with the Canon XTi, keeping in mind of course, you will be limited to the functionality of the camera. So even though there is a video record button on the iPad app, you won't be able to capture video with the XTi.

I know you know that Todd... just had to mention to be clear for everyone :)

Very interesting App Dereck. I have OnOne's Perfect Presets and like the software a lot. With the connection being WiFi, do you find a noticeable lag between the iPad and the camera?

In terms of lag, the operations feel very responsive. So unless you were looking for something specific, I think most people would be happy with the performance.

I ve bought this app, and donĀ“t know why, is not working, the app says start instead of fire so I can not take pictures or video and the live view is not working either .... what ma I doing wrong ? I can conect with my computer from the ipad with the app with no problem but anything else ... mmmm I have a canon 600d and a macbook pro ... please help !!!