Vegas Bokah

This image was captured from an overpass on Las Vegas Ave., looking down at the cars and lights on the street. I was shooting with a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L on a Canon 60D. I opened the aperture all the way to f/2.8, then manually defocused the lens to create this abstract bokeh composition.

I'm seriously considering making a SizzlPix of this image. I think it would be fascinating to hang on the studio wall.

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I like the effect. I did something similar with lights from our Christmas tree. I never thought about making a Sizzlpix. I might try the same. Take a look at my image on Flickr at:

Couldn't agree more about how fab it would look as a SizzlPix :-)

Seen this type of image a few times but never gotten round to trying myself.

The bigger the better i think.


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I'm CEO of Contact me for personal attention.