Border Town: Nature Photography Summit in McAllen Texas

Soon, you'll be hearing about the going-ons at the Nature Photography Summit in McAllen, Texas. This should be an interesting trip for a variety of reasons.


At first, McAllen might seem like an unusual choice for this event. It's only a few miles from the US/Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley. There's enough questionable activity that I've been advised not to go out at night by myself. Hmmm, Las Vegas this isn't.

But this area does support abundant wildlife, including the World Birding Center. So there won't be night shooting during this adventure, rather wildlife photography during the day. Plus, there's the conference itself at the McAllen Convention Center.

So stay tuned. I have a feeling there will be some interesting reports coming from Southern Texas.

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Actually, McAllen was recently ranked as the 14th safest city in the entire country, so going out at night is less dangerous than it is probably in your own home town. We do suggest that people avoid Mexico at night, however!